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About us

With strength, quality and sustainability at all levels for the future here in the north

Gratanglaks is a family-owned company that was established in 1984 in Gratangen municipality.  Our production is mainly located in Astafjorden and Vågsfjorden, with headquarters in Gratangen. Our vision is to produce in a sustainable way that ensures good fish welfare while also creating local and regional impacts trough employment, growth and new projects.

Despite being a small company, we have great visions and are constantly working on develpoment and improvement. In cooperation with several breeders around the area, we have built up a fully integrated business from smolt to slaughter through the companies Astafjord Smolt, Håløy Havservice, Brønnbåt Nord and Astafjord Slakteri.

Food Safety

We in Gratanglaks are concerned with the fact that the food we eat should på healthy and safe to consume. It should be traceable from roe to consumer.

Our production is subject to strict controls and limit values.

Bilogical and chemical substances is assesses systematically through the production


There are many requirements and regulations we have to follow, regarding food safety.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority regularly takes samples that are analyzed.

Gratanglaks do tests at least twice a year to make sure tracing of the fish works.  

The salmon gets a feed that is adapted to it`s need for nutrition. 

The feed producers are thorough when picking the raw materials for the feed. 

The follow strict rules and regulations regarding which fish species they can use, and also make sure the raw material comes from sustainable and quota regulated fisheries. 

According to norwegian law, Gratanglaks does not use genetically modified organisms in the production of the salmon or the feed. 


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